Sportvagnsracing (SPR) was slated to be a fresh start for the Nordic prototypes.

Every prototype would be welcome and the basis for the regulations was planned to be FIA CN, launched in 1990.


Class A - Cars manufactured from 1965 to 1974

Class B - Cars manufactured from 1975 to 1984

Class C - Cars manufactured from 1985 to 1994

Class D - Cars manufactured from 1995 to 2004

Class E - Cars manufactured from 2005 to 2014

Class F - Cars manufactured from 2015 and onwards

Class placements was to be set from the date of manufacturing on the engine and chassis. 


The goal was for two drivers to be able to share a car over the course of a race weekend consisting of two practice sessions of 15-20 minutes, two 15-20 minute qualifying sessions and three races, two running for 15-20 minutes and one running 40-50 minutes including an obligatory pit-stop with a driver change.

The goal was to offer a minimum of two hours track time each race weekend.