at the heart of scandinavian racing

Creating an environment where everyone can drive.

We love racing, but most of all we love sportscar prototype racing.

Prototype racing is one of Europes fastest growing racing categories, not to anyones surprise we might add, since the performance contra economic commitment is very high. 

Purely on a technical level, we like to describe a prototype racer as a mix between a formula car and a GT racer. The fastest prototypes are close to Formula 1 in speed and often many times more aerodynamic.

In the Nordics we have a long and faithful history with sportscar racing and many of the tracks we drive on today would simply not exsist if that wasn’t the case. This is one of the many reasons why SPR exists, we want to grow, nurture and preserve sportscar racing in the Scandinavian arena. 

That’s why SPR works with SPVM to provide a racing-series where all prototypes are welcome. And to a reasonable cost at that. We also work with one of the finest prototype-series the UK has to offer if any of our drivers want to try their luck in the international space.

SPR also sells cars from Wolf Racingcars and Revolution Racecars, two of the finest sportscar prototype manufacturers in the world!

We also have genuine multi-year experience with Radical Sportscars family of products and we can provide the majority of the services available for these cars.

SPR also sells pit-equipment specifically for prototypes and alike. Manufactured by BG-Racing.